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Vancouver SEO Digital Search Optimization is the best way to get more customers.

If you want Local customers then your site needs to be optimized for Vancouver SEO customers.

If you’re going after national customers across Canada then SEO is still relevant.


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Vancouver SEO
Vancouver SEO

Digital Marketing for Your Vancouver Business

Bottom line you want more customers and need the marketing services to get them. As an expert in your field you don’t have the time to do it yourself and need an Agency with a specialty in SEO to step up and have your back.  One you don’t have to worry about and is always doing digital marketing in your business best interest. An SEO firm that is fluent in Google Guidelines, search engine algorithms and knows how to analyze the data for the right search terms.  One that is going to get the right customers not just traffic.

You also want them to understand the Vancouver Local Market.  What SEO tactics are relevant and will make an impact in the Vancouver market. Digital marketing has never been more exciting with changes daily.  It’s also can get complicated, frustrating and take you down the rabbit hole.  We can help keep you focused on the right strategies for your Digital Marketing budget.


It starts with a focus. What is the priority?  You have a hundred products and a thousand ideas.  We help you figure out your focus and drill it down to the business priority.  Now we can move forward.

Vancouver SEO is taking your website and optimizing all your digital assets to the best they can be.  Google has the power.  Your company needs to know how to work with them – the fine line of doing it just right. 

Digital Experts get customers to websites.  By design, marketing, graphically, development  and optimization.

Keyword Research

You know the drill. The trick is getting the right word for your customer intent.

Testing Best Practices

If you’re not testing your strategies your not doing it right.

Market Research

Yup we need this too.


Let’s tell your customer what to do. Sometimes they just need a little guidance. We can do that.


This is the core tactic but not the only one.  Get your on-page right and you’ve won half the battle in the ranking battle.  There is still lots more to do but it can be easier if you get search engine optimization correct right of the bat. The structure and content of your website all are factors to improve ranking on the SERP (search engine ranking page).  Off-page SEO will help you rank in the Vancouver market as well.  How you implement the strategies are very different though.


Useful & Informative Content

Responsive Design

Creative Idea

User Experience 

Super important.  Become an expert on how your customer searches your  industry. Don’t forget your CTA (call to action).

Brand Refresh

Sometime you just need to take stock on where you are and what you have in front of you. Don’t worry it’s not that bad but it will probably need an update.

Web & App Development

Only if you need it.  What type of functionality do you need for your customers?  E-commerce?  Probably.

We live and breathe Vancouver which help us design the right local SEO strategy for you.

Vancouver SEO Search

Just like Vancouver is framed by the Pacific Ocean and beautiful Coast Mountains your business needs to be framed by expert digital marketing and technical development.  Vancouver SEO does exactly that. Digital Optimization perfection just like Vancouver itself.

We do all our talks through online meetings but if you want to connect in person we can do that too.  Based in Vancouver we  also serve the following local neighborhoods for a face to face meeting.

Downtown Vancouver
West Point Grey
West End
South Vancouver
South Granville
Coal Harbour
Mount Pleasant
Arbutus Ridge
Champlain Heights
Davie Village
Riley Park
East Vancouver
Central Vancouver
Granville Island
Downtown Eastside
West Side
South Cambie
South Main



The numbers

It all depends on what you’re going after.  Digital Marketing is complex.  You have many moving parts just like any business. 

Award winning companies with the best experts still need marketing to get more customers.

Word of mouth is still a viable option to get clients but adding the digital consultant to the mix is taking your marketing to the next step.  

  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%
  • Social Following – 85%


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