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A privately owned company dedicated to the expansion and promotion of business on the Internet. Barezan Media Group Inc. is made up of software designers, programmers, online marketers, social media guru’s, graphic artists and a successful management team who take pride in what they do.

Our story: Barezan Media Group Inc. officially started designing website’s in 1999. The process was very different at that time and every aspect of getting a website online was laborious. Just getting a domain name would take you a few days. As processes improved the natural progression for our company was to get more involved with marketing the websites online. Barezan Media Group Inc. was able to expand from design and programming to marketing the websites they created. However we needed to tie in the print strategies with the online presence. From there we added email marketing campaigns, SEO, and newsletters. During this time websites were static and there was barely any interaction.

Many changes have taken place and we look forward to many more. Websites incorporate full on video, social media and customer interaction making the online world a more interesting place. Companies integrate mobile apps, blogs, “likes” and “tweets” into their marketing strategy. Through all this we help your business navigate the process and not only embrace the change but thrive in it.

Our Objective: Our objective is to choose the best methods to generate client demand. We create a marketing strategy, which includes Branding and Corporate Identity. The marketing campaigns may include SEO, social media, blogs, press releases, email campaigns and videos for your channels to name a few. We create a winning strategy and then make sure it’s executed efficiently and effectively.

Our Commitment: From concept to design, implementation and promotion Barezan Media Group Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide our clients with the methods and technology to compete in the online world.